Introducing Course Packs: A Fast and Easy Way to Build and Enrich Your Course

A Course Pack is a free collection of ready-to-go assignments in WebAssign created specifically for your textbook. Available for select titles, each Course Pack contains multiple assignments comprised of question sets, labs, and/or quizzes that have been carefully chosen by experienced WebAssign adopters and subject matter experts. Add select assignments from a Course Pack to augment your existing course, or use Course Packs by themselves to build a complete set of course assignments with one easy click. Want to customize a Course Pack? No problem. You control your students’ experience with the ability to modify every assignment.

  • Free to use
  • Saves you time when creating a new course in WebAssign and get you up and running with WebAssign fast
  • Includes assignments of different kinds, including learning assignments, labs, quizzes, and review assignments
  • Deters cheating with randomized textbook questions
  • Designed with contemporary pedagogical approaches that have been tested in the classroom
  • Easily customized to meet your teaching goals

We will continue to develop Course Packs for more textbooks throughout the 2014-2015 academic year. View our most up-to-date list.

How to Use Course Packs

Course Packs are AvailableFor textbooks that have Course Packs, you will see an icon on the textbook details page. Clicking on the Course Pack icon launches a preview window. Here you can find information on how the Course Pack was designed and what kinds of questions and assignments the Course Pack contains, along with the option to preview an example assignment.

After creating a new course with a textbook that has Course Packs, instructors will see an announcement that Course Packs are Available! Clicking the More Information button will take you to a Course Pack preview screen. Follow the instructions below to implement Course Packs in your classroom today.

To preview available Course Pack assignments and add Course Pack assignments:

  1. Create a new course with no assignments using a textbook that offers Course Packs.
  2. A popup modal describing Course Packs is displayed. Click More Information to view the available Course Packs for your textbook.
    • The Course Pack page is displayed with information about the first available Course Pack for the course.
    • Click an assignment name to preview it.
  3. If needed, navigate to a different Course Pack.
    • If your class uses more than one textbook with an available Course Pack, select a textbook on the left above the Course Pack information.
    • If more than one Course Pack is available for the selected textbook, the number of available Course Packs is displayed on the right side of the page. Click a number to preview that Course Pack.Course Packs
      Tip: Most textbooks with Course Packs have more than one Course Pack. Often, different Course Packs cover different sections of the book.
  4. Click Add Course Pack to My Assignments.
    • A new copy of each assignment in the Course Pack is created and added to your Assignments list. This process might take a minute or so.
    • After the Course Pack has been added, click either Add Another Course Pack or Go to Class Schedule.
    • Each added Course Pack is listed in your Assignments list.
    • Unscheduled Course Pack assignments are grouped under the Course Pack name.


  • If you add Course Pack assignments from the same Course Pack more than once, you will have multiple copies of the Course Pack assignments.
  • Because you own the new copies of the Course Pack assignments, you can edit or remove them if needed.

To schedule a Course Pack assignment to your class:

  1. Open the Schedule page.
    • From My Classes, click Class Schedule under Class Tools.
      Note: The Schedule page opens after you create a course.
  2. Find the assignment you want to schedule in the Assignments list.
    • Course Packs Assignments listYou can search your listed assignments by typing part of the name, category, or assignment ID in the search box.
    • If needed, click the Unscheduled heading to show assignments that are not scheduled for this section.
    • To see only Course Pack assignments, select the Course Pack Assignments filter.
  3. Drag an unscheduled assignment from the Assignments list to the Schedule panel.
    • If needed, drag the assignment to a different week number at the top of the Schedule panel.