WebAssign is the only employee-owned and operated online learning chemistry solution to partner with all major textbook publishers. We offer customizable precoded questions covering every course from preparatory chemistry through physical and analytical chemistry, along with easy-to-use tools that enable you to create the perfect companion to any course.

11 Publishing Partners

184 Textbooks

279,587 Questions

Tools & Features

Introductory Chemistry Course

WebAssign is proud to offer Mark Bishop’s An Introduction to Chemistry, an affordable online introductory chemistry course with over 1500 online homework problems.

Chemistry Question Collection

This General Chemistry Collection includes more than 1400 questions covering every concept in the course, designed to work with any textbook or no textbook at all.

Algebra Review

This Chemistry Personal Study Plan is a collection of questions, offered in self-paced format, that enables students to practice and master algebra concepts.

Custom Labs

WebAssign can customize the lab experience using your existing original lab experiments as the source material.