The Complete Preparatory Chemistry Solution

Looking for an affordable preparatory chemistry course solution? Check out our complete content support of Mark Bishop’s An Introduction to Chemistry. WebAssign supports two teaching versions of this affordable textbook with online algorithmic homework, instant grading and immediate student feedback, plus complete online content from the textbook.

A Trusted Online Homework Solution

As the market-leading independent online learning solution, WebAssign is the only online instructional provider that partners with all major textbook publishers. And, we are the only education technology company offering an unsurpassed range of customizable precoded questions covering every course from preparatory chemistry through physical chemistry, along with easy-to-use tools that enable instructors to create the perfect companion to any course.

A Textbook by a Veteran Author

Intended for use in beginning chemistry courses with no chemistry prerequisite, An Introduction to Chemistry was designed by the author’s experience of teaching introductory chemistry for over 30 years at Monterey Peninsula College, CA. This textbook has garnered praise and classroom adoptions nationwide for its accessible presentation and student-friendly features.

The textbook is available in two versions to meet all teaching preferences:

  • The Chemistry-First version covers chemical reactions early and postpones math-related topics until slightly later in the book.
  • The Atoms-First version provides a more complete description of atomic theory and bonding early and describes chemical reactions later and presents the math-related topics earlier.

Both versions are available for $40 a semester and include:

  • 1500 algorithmically driven homework problems from the text
  • 900 text-specific test bank questions
  • Complete access to the downloadable eBook
  • Author-created sample assignments available in a Course Pack
  • Applicable sections of the text linked to individual questions
  • Applicable author-created audio lectures linked to individual questions
  • Applicable author-created animations based on key text illustrations linked to individual questions
  • Select detailed solutions linked to questions with answers available in the student study manual
  • Narrated presentations, PowerPoint lectures, concept maps, and chapter checklists available as resources for faculty or to make available to students

Try It Out

Take a look at our sample student assignments for either the Chemistry-First version or the Atoms-First version. If you like what you see, and want to see more, let us know, and we’ll set you up with a no-obligation full faculty account.