Faculty Collaboration

WebAssign makes it easy for faculty to work together, whether you are at the same institution or across the country.

Sharing Course-Management Tasks

As the course creator you have complete control over sharing access privileges for each task and can grant partial, full-course, or section access to whomever you choose.

You can grant other faculty or teaching assistants access to a class to share duties such as:

  • Setting up classes and rostering students
  • Creating assignments, including choosing questions, point values, and due dates
  • Responding to extension requests
  • Communicating with students
  • Grading essays

Sharing Questions and Resources

Through WebAssign, you can quickly share questions or assignments with your colleagues. All you need to do is mark the question as protected or public, and give your colleague the question ID or assignment ID. You can also collaborate on resources such as videos, slide shows, or other files. Simply request access to the desired resource, then upload the shared file into WebAssign’s Resource section for your class, and mark the file viewable to students.

Sharing Question Creation

An additional feature of WebAssign is the ability to form groups to easily create new questions. Groups provide an opportunity for multiple people to review questions, and let individuals focus on specific tasks. For example, one group member might excel at writing the questions while another is a master at creating the answer algorithms. Groups make it easy to divide up the work.

Read more about working with other instructors and managing groups in our Instructor Help.