WebAssign’s powerful online instructional tools are available to educational institutions at an affordable price. WebAssign is free for instructors, and the access fee for students varies based on the content and textbook selected. Student access to WebAssign is purchased using access codes. If you are a bookstore interested in purchasing Access Code Cards for a class that is not using a Cengage textbook, please complete our Bookstore Order Form for a price quote, see Billing Support for more details. Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice.

Higher Education

Basic Access includes WebAssign’s authored and public question collection. You can customize any of these questions or create your own.

Basic access online fees are:

  • $22.95/student per course or lab, per term

Secondary Education

Access fees for secondary schools cover the entire academic year or two-semester block.

Basic access online fees are:

  • $10.50/student per course or lab

Upgraded Content Fees

Most instructors adopting WebAssign choose to upgrade their content options by selecting their required course textbook (if supported) as their primary content source. This will give you access to questions from your chosen textbook as well as WebAssign’s authored and public question collection. You can customize any of these questions or create your own. Several publishers also offer textbook question collections with augmented online content including tutorials, simulations, eBooks, and more. Prices vary by publisher and textbook. To find out the specific online pricing for your textbook, please visit our textbook catalog and search for your text by author or title.

Student Access

Student access to WebAssign is purchased using access codes, which are available in your campus bookstore or through your publisher representative bundled with your textbook. Student access to WebAssign can also be purchased directly through WebAssign when students log in. Most colleges and universities require students to pay WebAssign access fees, but institutions can choose to pay the fees. Contact WebAssign for more information on this option.

Enhanced Content Fees from Cengage Learning

Textbooks published by Cengage Learning feature content designated as Enhanced WebAssign. The available questions have been enhanced with a wide array of learning tools for students, including interactive tutorials, problem-solving videos, and links to appropriate sections of the adopted textbook, all available as hints from the assigned questions. Additionally, schools can opt to adopt a complete interactive eBook along with Enhanced WebAssign. Secondary education institutions that are interested in purchasing this content should contact National Geographic Learning.

Government and Business

Please contact us for information about using WebAssign in a commercial or government setting.