WebAssign is built to withstand the rigors of teaching differential equations and linear algebra to today’s students. Our grading engine works like a real professor and recognizes all algebraically equivalent answers to even the most complex problems. With WebAssign, you get the best teaching tools, such as our matrix tool for linear algebra and highly accurate grading statements for differential equations, along with extensive faculty resources and content directly from your adopted textbook.

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Tools & Features

WatchIt Videos

Hundreds of new WatchIt videos are available as a resource for students, each providing step-by-step instruction with short, engaging videos that are ideal for visual learners.

Tutorial Banks

Available for Differential Equations and Linear Algebra content—Tutorial Banks include over 90 tutorial questions with algorithmically stepped-out solutions that guide students to a deeper understanding of skills and concepts.

Course Packs

Save valuable time with ready-to-use assignments, built by subject matter experts for selected advanced mathematics textbooks and customizable to match your course.

Code Your Own Questions

Learn how to create your own questions in WebAssign with our Question Creation video series.


Use WebAssign’s powerful analytics tools to assess course performance, determine concept mastery, and identify at-risk students.